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About Us

Core corporate services

  • Factory Setup Support [ BOCW, Factory Licence, Contract Labour]
  • Labour Laws Support [ESIC Registration, EPF Registration]
  • Environment Permission [CTE, CTO, CGWA, Geo Hydro Survey]
  • Statutory Support [Fire NOC, PESO NOC, Building plan approval]
  • Company Law Support Various Registration [ROC, ROF, MSME, IEM, Udhyam Aadhar, TM registration]
  • Other Services [Revenue record search, DIC support, Trust & Co-operative Society Registration]
  • Govt. Liaising & Industrial Subsidy [Electric Duty Exemption, Capital Subsidy, Interest Subsidy, Thrust sector Subsidy Etc. ]

Graphic Design & IT Services

Our Core Team Members

Rina Joshi
Head Graphic Design
Sunil Joshi
Head Legal & IT
Jay Joshi
Head IT

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